Summer Riding Academy

The Riding Academy at Cedar Spring Farm offers a complete lesson program for all ages from beginners to World Caliber competitors. Ages 4 and up can take advantage of our highly trained staff to learn to ride and drive in style. Our goal is to share the amazing experience of horsemanship with anyone wanting to learn. So much more than riding skills come from the experience. One learns confidence, problem solving, athleticism, empathy and team building. In addition, riding skills are excellent preparation for scholarship, and overall achievement in life.

Our program is managed much like a course of study. The course runs for eight lessons and is automatically renewable. Lessons are private and are scheduled once a week. Additional lessons may be scheduled (and are encouraged). Our lesson horses are ex show horses, Morgans plus American Saddlebreds, and are highly trained. In addition, they are beautiful! We expect our students to accomplish riding at a high level, and teach saddle seat, hunt seat and western seat. A student may learn all three or pick one that is most suitable. Also, our horses are fancy driving horses, a fun way to enjoy a new discipline.

For those students who desire all we can offer, horse shows are available for the true competitors. Area local shows, regional shows and world caliber shows are all part of our schedule. Our lesson horses may be leased or shared for a local show, and a few are competitive enough for the higher levels. Horse showing is a wonderful way to learn sportsmanship, camaraderie and how to be the best one can be. Most riders learn they can accomplish anything in life after conquering the horse show ring!

Cedar Spring Farm Riding Academy also has a week long summer Riding Program for up to twelve riders. There is a lot of riding involved as it is meant to really hone the regular lessons. At the end of the week we celebrate with a show and party for friends and family. All the students have a blast and so do we!

The Riding Academy specializes in adult riders as well. Many of our mothers ride and can share with their children the fun of horses. We have serious adult competitors as well those who are just looking for a fantastic recreation.

Cedar Spring Farm Riding Academy is under the stewardship of Ellen Beard, a many faceted instructor and consultant who provides a state of the art program for students of horsemanship. Ellen will be joining us as a clinician and mentor, giving us an avenue to success. Learn about Ellen and her service Success In Saddles “.

So call us for a visit and a tour of our facility. It’s cool in the summer and warm in the winter and a grand place to spend time.